Audio Visualizers

I’ve uploaded lots of stuff to YouTube, so I’ll just embed a few of them which I think you might find mildly interesting. Most of them are just visualizers for some of my songs. I’m not in the game of making music videos, but I figured it’d be nice to look at something more… “alive” than a still photo or album art.

I was able to hack together a Blender script to generate some moving bars automated/controlled by the volume of the audio at a given frequency. Ideally this should be an FFT, but I was new to both Python and Blender when I wrote the script and used some embedded features in Blender to achieve a vaguely similar effect.

Someday when I have time (and remember), I want to re-write that script to use NumPy and run a real FFT on the audio. This should make the bars look a lot more accurate.