By Red Ambassador | October 2, 2014

Time by Red Ambassador cover art

Time has a very unique sound. It’s probably best described as an electronic / steam-punk track.

Time starts out very soft and innocent, with sounds of industry (trains and machine squeaks) in the background. The chorus gets hard and heavy, grinding out the melody. The second and third choruses, the lead comes in, releasing rich melodies to complete the whole theme.

You can listen to “Time” on some common platforms linked below, or you may choose to buy the track, name your price (i.e. free, if you think it’s a crap song) on Bandcamp.

Listen to “Time” by Red Ambassador on these platforms:


Tools and plugins used:

Samples used (that I can remember):

  • www.pacdv.com/sounds
    • bang_1
    • bang_2
    • cling_1
    • coin_4
    • gun-reload-1
    • tape-measure-1
  • www.soundjay.com
    • camera-shutter-click-01
    • camera-shutter-click-03
    • camera-shutter-click-08
    • camera-winding-lever-01
    • rotary-phone-1
    • rotary-phone-2
    • steam-locomotive-arrive-and-stop-01
    • steam-locomotive-pass-by-01
    • typewriter-1
  • soundbible.com
    • tornado siren

Notes from a soft, melodic music box fills the air. It’s almost soothing. Watch the gears spin and the instrument play its enchanting tune…until the notes start to darken, hinting at something approaching. Then the drop falls and we’re suddenly rushing through a darkened tunnel, wind whipping mercilessly at our face. Thrust into a Wonderland where gears move everything, steam powers all machines, and magic happens, you are on a peculiar journey of music. Explore these curiosities, but don’t take too long — you must be on the move, running for your life, fighting an epic battle. You have been summoned to this land to take part in an adventure of mystery, action, and clockwork. Run, run through the metallic woods until you reach the end — and the clock winds down.

– Katie Nye

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