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KeroVee: Free Auto-Tune!

LMMS - KeroVee auto-tuneWow. Just wow. I finally found an auto-tune/pitch-correction plugin that works pretty well with LMMS and sounds AWESOME! You HAVE to try this. I’ve been using it more and more in my songs with different things and it is amazing, for a free VST plugin.

I’ve noticed a lot of people have been visiting this page. I imagine it is due to the fact that coming by a free auto-tune plugin is rare. I would like to note that while this plugin is awesome, it does have some major shortcomings. It doesn’t appear to be terribly stable. It can crash either itself or the entire LMMS program. I don’t know if this has to do with a bug it has or that the LMMS VST handler has. It is still rather annoying.

What I have typically done to avoid losing work in an LMMS project is to use this plugin by itself, make any edits I want to the voice, export it as an .OGG and then use that exported, auto-tuned file in my actual project. This seems to be much more stable. I know, I know, it’s a pain, but think about how much money you’re saving by using a free auto-tune plugin! 🙂

My demo:

Cheers, all!

KeroVee: Free Auto-Tune!
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About Red Ambassador

In 2011, I found out about a free, open-source digital music composition program called Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS). I started making tons of short little songs with this new program, figuring out new tools and techniques as more time went on. LMMS became my new instrument, in a way. I loved the fact that when I placed a note, it would be played perfectly, at the same time, every time. I also love electronics and computers (a field I am getting my college degree in) so the blend of digital equipment and music made it an amazingly enjoyable experience.Since that time, I have simply pursued my passion to create music. I do it for Christ, and I do it for fun. Read full bio here
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  1. Sir, Could you please tell me how to feed midi input in this plugin to make it work in the midi mode so that the vocals get snapped to that midi input ? I will be really very grateful to you. Thank You.

  2. How did you do for having such a nice sound? I tried many time but I always get nothing but an awful voice… Please tell me how i have to setup…

    • You need to know what key the vocals/input is in. Then turn off all other notes and the KeroVee will not output tones on those notes. Notice in the picture at the top of this post how most of the notes a turned off (not green). Only the notes which the vocals should be “snapped” (auto-tuned) to are enabled.

      Hope this helps.

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