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Mr. Pixel’s Life Adventure (a mini-song)

Mr. Pixel's Life Adventure cover artHey, all!

I wanted to share the LMMS project file for “Mr. Pixel’s Life Adventure.” The song itself has been posted on Soundcloud for a little while now and I thought that since I haven’t shared any of my LMMS project files recently, I should do that with this song!

If you haven’t heard the original song yet, check it out below. Otherwise, if you’re just interested in the project file, just click this link! I edited the original project file so that it uses only LMMS drum samples and not the drum samples I have nabbed from various places online.

Download LMMS project file: Mr. Pixel’s Life Adventure-02.mmpz


Yeah, I’m still around

waving penguin cartoonI’m still around! I’ve been very busy with college lately though so I haven’t had time to make music. It’s be pretty dang crazy actually. There’s college, and then there’s taking Junior project, Senior project, Advanced Technical Writing, RISC Architecture, and Globalization all in the same term. Bleeh.

I don’t mean to be brag-y or something. I just wanted to say that I do have a good reason for not having made music in a while. I’ve wanted to. There have been some late nights where I cannot focus on work but am feeling artsy so I mess around with LMMS a little bit. I’ve had a few good track ideas come out of that but there hasn’t been anything substantial. And, of course, no time to finish any of it.

If you are reading this then thank you for being a “loyal follower.” I really do appreciate those people who take the time to check out what I’m doing. As a small gift, I wanted to share a few of the track ideas I’ve had in the past few months. Nothing special. Very raw and un-polished, that is for sure. Nonetheless, if you have a few moments, check these ideas out.

Here’s one. I’m currently calling it “Metastable” but I often change names before songs are released.

Metastable: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://bit.ly/1SQmUba”]

That is my first attempt a sort of a DnB kind of sound. It needs more of something. I don’t know what. It’s got kind of some cool down-under feels, but it feels a little lacking otherwise. We’ll see.

Another one came from something I was listening to. I don’t recall what it was now. It might have been something from a movie. All I remember is that I really liked how the artist used a fairly fast piano in the background with a lot of reverb. This is what came out of that….

idk idea: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B6GVT8-vovXDTTBEdjhPbi12Zlk”]

Lastly, this is a track I’ve been working on for some time. I’m actually really excited about this one. You might have heard it pop up on SoundCloud once or twice. There is something odd going on with the mixing at 2 minutes 4 seconds which I’ll have to fix at some point. Also there is no real ending right now. Anyway. This track is currently (and probably will remain) titled “Jump.” Enjoy! 😀

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B6GVT8-vovXDYTNnQmJrT1dxRVk”]

OH! I almost forgot! Why a penguin picture at the top? Well…

  1. I like penguins
  2. I’m a fan of Linux and the Linux mascot has traditionally been a penguin
  3. I played Club Penguin for a little while as a kid

So there you go.

Thanks for reading and staying up with my music! If you liked any or all of these tracks, please let me know in the comments section below!


Church Christians vs Jesus Christians

These are some of my own personal thoughts on some ways we as Christians and as a church could really use some improvement. As I was writing this, I realized that most of my comments center around the idea of having more grace and less judgement with people. I just see way too much of it.

Now I hope you read this knowing what I am about to say now: I believe I’m guilty of almost all of these things. To put it frankly, I suck at this stuff. I’m just terrible. With that being said, maybe these are just some of my thoughts about things I wish I did or how I wish I would act all the time.

Church Christians

Jesus Christians


We like to judge anything and everyone based on their appearances and actions. (more specific topics will be brought up below…)

Pass no judgement themselves. Leave the judging stuff to Christ (1 Samuel 16:7 and Matt. 7:1-3)


We say we accept all kinds of people in to the church but does it ever really happen? Not really… Since when did you see a guy walk in to church who smelled like rancid pot and wearing scraggly clothes and some church member just walks right up to him and gives him a big bear hug? I’m being a bit figurative but you get the idea. I’m confident there are places where this happens but in general I don’t see it very much.

Jesus Christians might have a couple ash trays outside the church doors (at a safe distance for kids of course) just to say “Hey. We care more about the person inside and not what the person struggles with”

Homosexuals and Bisexuals

Here’s a topic! Want to see some Christians really get riled up? Bring a homosexual into the group and see what happens. Christians in general have a VERY hard time with this. So do I. It feels messed up and like it’s something that MUST be fixed before we go anywhere else with “fixing” the person

No matter what your belief on the origin of non-straight sexual behavior is (introduced at birth or learned socially or whatever) these are people created in the image of God. His first priority is NOT to make sure everybody’s paired up with someone of the opposite sex. Haven’t seen that in the Bible. Is one-man-to-one-woman marriage the first human relationship he ordained? Yes. However I firmly believe that He ultimately wants his sons and daughters to make the decision to love and follow after Him. Once they do that He will take care of the rest. The ultimate judgement is up to God not us.(Yes I know there are places for a believer to place judgement but we’re talking about deciding who’s saved and not saved. I feel pretty strongly that the “believer judgement” thing is heavily abused in our minds and often used as an excuse to blame/condemn/gossip or even just feel powerful. If you “feel” like it’s been placed on your heart do to that kind of thing, you had better double and triple check your motives. Just don’t try to step into the place that only God should be.)

Government authorities

I keep hearing complaints both in the Christian and non-Christian realms about what they think our President (Barack Obama) did wrong and how he’s taking our country down. Tax season is wrapping up. How many people have recently been complaining about taxes?

“1First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, 2for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. 3This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, 4who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” – 1 Timothy 2:1-4… also …Titus 3:1-2, Philippians 2:14, 1 Peter 2:17, Jeremiah 29:7, Romans 13:1

Cursing or Explicit/Vulgar Language

This ties into the first point about judging people. We as humans like to judge and gossip. While, yes, many of the curse words use God’s name in vain, there are a whole host of them that don’t.

Recorded in Mat. 3:7, Mat. 12:34, and Mat. 23:33, Jesus calls the religious leaders of the day sons of snakes! Three different times! Wait… Hold on… That phrase (by itself, without any scriptural context) is kind of like an English phrase, isn’t it? The “son of a b****” phrase? Yeah…I realize that a dog in heat has nothing to do with the cunning-ness and evilness of a snake that was meant in these verses, but I think it illustrates my point. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior used a phrase like that. Other people’s language doesn’t need to be made as big of a deal as it is by people in the church. Yes, I believe it is a poor use of English and there probably needs to be some self-control there, but if a person isn’t saved, there is a bigger issue at hand. If the person is saved, pray for that person. Let Christ do the conviction. You’re not the law, He is.(Look at the second half of my comments on sexuality for some of my thoughts about having a critical conversation with a believer.)

Mission work

Maybe it’s just the people I happen to have been around but any time someone is a part of some ministry service or outreach, they make a point of bringing it up in conversation or churches will make a big deal out of it.

While mission work is definitely a great thing and something to be appreciated, I can’t find a place in the Bible where He tells us to go boast about what we’re doing. Instead He tells us to go boast about what He’s done for us (Mark 5:19) and if we do some service, to NOT tell anyone about it! (Matthew 6:1-2)

Worship services

It seems that many worship services should really just be called free concerts. That’s how many people talk about it afterwards. “Wow, her voice…” “Man, that guitar…” While big churches are a great thing, I feel like this is one advantage that a smaller church might have.

Did you really feel the Spirit move you, or was that just the bass hitting the low notes?“Worship” is such an archaic word that we don’t use in our language anymore. I suggest you take a good couple hours and figure out what it actually is, because it really has nothing to do with music. That would probably better fit in the “praise” category.Lastly, I believe the songs we do sing for Him should be about Him, not about us. Lyrics going along the lines of I do this or We do that are just words to get a crowd in a mood. I believe songs should be acknowledging His presence and power in our lives but there are some songs I’ve heard which really don’t do that.

Creation: 7 days or 7 million years?

Christians like to argue about this for hours. While I believe it can make for a good, friendly discussion, this topic has been drawn out waaay too far in many scenes. The results? Argumentation. Non-believers look at us and go like “See, here’s a good reason why I believe Christians are idiots.”

Simple question for you: How old was Adam when he was created? Most people believe that he had the body of a mid to late twenty-year-old man. Now here’s another simple question: Could God have made the earth to appear older?Point is, God created it and is the author of it. This, we know to be true. There are more important things to worry about than deciding how old the dirt is. This just creates one more point of argument in the church and it is unnecessary. Just chill and let it slide if someone thinks a little bit different than you. Believing the dirt is 10,000 years old has never been a requirement for getting into heaven, so just let it go if it becomes an argument.



2014 LMMS Christmas Competition Winners

lmms 2014 christmas competition cover artCongratulations to all of our winners! Thank you for participating in this year’s competition. It’s exciting to see all these LMMS artists coming together.

This year, we made ACTUAL AWARDS for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners! Yes, they’re paper/pdf awards, but better than nothing, eh?



Meanwhile, take a look at entries who made it to the top-10 list! Congrats to you all! Hopefully we can do this again next year!

2014 LCC Winners
# Artist Track Title
1Fastigium Tidings of Comfort and Groove
2Cubiicle Tintinnabulum
3S p a d e We Three Gentlemen
4Arsanthania Noble Bells
5Eino1953Carol Of The Bells
6TethWhite Dawn
7KaplooeyRaRaTrancey Bells
8Eino1953O Come All Ye Faithful Orchestral
9Ian LetarteThe Good King Guy
10Melodic Synth LabElectrichristmas