Singles by Red Ambassador


Singles by Red Ambassador

I’ve released a lot of singles simply because they either are remixes or covers of other songs or because I don’t think they fit in any particular collection to form an album. Because of that, there are a lot of really cool and unique songs here on this page. Everything from dance, steampunk, jazz guitar, and Daft Punk styled music can be found in this musical collection.

Title Preview Buy
Cold Gravestones
Evening Stroll
Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso – Roar (Red Ambassador Remix) Listen on SoundCloud NFS
Matthew Parker – Bigger Picture (Red Ambassador Remix)
Spade – Reach for the Sky (Red Ambassador Remix)
Daft Punk – TRON: Legacy End Titles (Red Ambassador Cover)
Bandwidth (feat. Cozy Broke) Listen on SoundCloud
Press Play – Android (Red Ambassador Remix) Listen on SoundCloud NFS
Digital Compositions Album Cover Red Ambassador

Digital Compositions

Released: July 5th, 2013
Digital Compositions Album Cover

# Title Preview Buy
1 Flying Through Space
2 iMan
3 Argon Ballad
4 It’s Alright
5 Fiesta
6 Ionized Cathedral
7 Driving Across California
8 Hybrid
9 Neuron Resistance
10 Orbit
11 Bass Strobe
12 Observation
13 Glowing Eye of the Clown


Red Ambassador’s music has a consistently great, upbeat tone that’s reminiscent of Owl City while retaining its own distinctive sound. Each song is intricately composed and varies in its tones from light and airy to moving and stirring.

Some of the tracks, such as “Bass Strobe” and “TNT,” have a strong dance beat that should gratify the dance-pop fans. Others, like “Flying Through Space” and “Driving Across California”, have an easy, light tone that reminds one of long summer days and warm, gentle breezes.

The tracks “It’s Alright” and “Orbit” are perhaps the best songs on the album; each one conveys a strong sense of emotion and builds to a satisfying crescendo with smooth transitions along the way, making for a couple of very enjoyable songs.

Overall, Red Ambassador’s debut album is a propitious new record that will be a superb addition to anyone’s music library.katmcnye

"Crusher" (crushed cars)

Crusher – Digits VST Preset

car-crusherAre you looking for a deep, harsh, gritty growl for your new track? This preset/patch for the Digits VST (by “Extent of the Jam“) would certainly point you in the right direction with some nasty sounds.

The clip I’ve embedded below is actually an excerpt from my new song called “Time” which is where this preset originated.


Listen to this clip:


To install this preset, you’ll need two files, which you can download for free, below.

digits - crusher settings
“Crusher” Settings

You will also have need to download and install the Digits VST and the CamelCrusher VST. Both are free downloads.

By the way, I also found some good presets for Digits on AZur Studio’s website. You can download them here. :)

LMMS Christmas Music Contest Rules (Dec 2014)

LMMS Christmas

Hey all! We’re accepting Christmas song submissions from artists who use Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS). Here are the rules:

1) Your song(s) must be made using only free, open-source software (LMMS, Audacity…) AND you must use LMMS somehow in the creation of your song (this is an LMMS competition after all…). :-)

2) You may submit a maximum of 2 (two) songs. (You may NOT submit Works-In-Progress [WIPs]. Only complete, finished songs. )

3) Your song(s) must be related to Christmas and/or the Christmas holiday season.

4) You must put effort into your song(s) (or else you won’t win!!)

5) Deadline for submissions is Saturday, December 13th 2014 at 9:00 am PST (4:00 pm UTC)

6) Leave (nice!) comments for other artists as new submissions come into the competition.

7) The judges will pick the top 10 submissions and release the LMMS Christmas album as a free download (hopefully) before Christmas Day

What you’ll get out of this? Not much, I guess. You’ll get some plays on your song, good feedback from fellow artists, and you’ll get to enjoy a fun competition. This is about putting your skills in front of others. It is also about showing off to the world what LMMS can do.

Think you’re up for it? SUBMIT NOW!! :-)

This year’s (2014) entries:

Winners of the 2013 contest:

…in order of how they ranked. First place winner is on top.

Hello my name is child of the one true King

Christian Artist or Not?

Hello my name is child of the one true KingSometimes I think people might wonder if I’m really a Christian artist. Like, after all, I haven’t really made many songs with something related to Christ in the title. I don’t sing in my songs, hardly ever, so you don’t hear worship lyrics… Is this guy really who he says he is?

Short answer: Yes, I am a Christian musician/producer. I think we’ve just got two different views on what “Christian music” is all about. Allow me to explain.

I just released my steampunk song “Time” and electronic/steampunk is not traditionally known for “Christian” attributes. I’ve also done a lot of covers and remixes of songs that really don’t talk about Christ or are even related to Christian ideas. However, I do believe that this honors God. Why? God created music. God also created me to have a love for music. He did not give me a great voice (not saying this as a complaint, just as a fact) so I make instrumental music a lot. I have so much fun coming up with a new music idea and experimenting with it until I come up with an entire new song. I enjoy the (current) challenge of making the best music I can with free software. It’s fun and I truly enjoy it.

I choose not to compose or associate myself with songs that use explicit language or promote sinful activities. Outside of those things, I feel that I have the freedom to make anything that might come to mind. I don’t see anything wrong with writing a song based around a fantasy idea of what the world would have looked like if steam technology was promoted more than it was. I have boundaries, yes, but within those boundaries is an open playground to have a great time with. That’s where I take my music.

Is my music worship music? No, not always. You probably won’t hear worship music from me here. I do actually play a lot of worship music on my own, but I just choose not to record or produce it. I want to provide people with fun, cool, catchy, clean music. By not producing music which promotes cursing or sexual thoughts or activities, I get to show listeners that there is a lot of fun and enjoyment to be had in music outside of those things. Encouraging people and showing them that there is a better way is a major part of God’s plan, if you look through his Word.

So, yes, I am most definitely a Christian artist. Do I have a lot of worship themes in my music? No, not really. But does that mean that a song doesn’t honor God? I don’t think so. I think God smiles when he sees someone enjoying His creation, whether that be music or something else.

If you read this far, thanks for reading. I’m writing this late at night so I probably didn’t write as well as I could have, so do forgive me. Maybe I’ll come back sometime and fix this up, but I just wanted to get this off my chest for now.

If you have and questions or comments, please do let me know in the section below. :-)

Thoughts: SoundCloud Comments

SoundCloud Comments - Red Ambassador

So, since I’m not a very popular artist [like just over 100 plays a week on SoundCloud and maybe 10 views on my website] I try to take note on what happens with the more “popular” artists do and get.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that people on SoundCloud really don’t comment very far into the song. Like seriously. Some will comment on the intro. Maybe a couple comments on the pre-chorus (unless you’re doing Dubstep, in which case half of the comments appear on the stupid build before the drop) and then like 80% of the comments you’re going to get on the song appear on the first chorus.

For me, I scroll down my SC page and I see like half a dozen comments in the first half of the song and nothing past that. Not sure if people get bored with the song or already “know” what’s going to happen after the first half? Maybe I don’t make my songs interesting enough? I don’t really know.

Even so, I notice this with “popular” artists or songs that get posted on the pages. Most of the comments appear in the first half.

Anyway, totally random blog post I suppose. Just wanted to make that observation.

I hope you enjoy my music and maybe now you’ll leave a comment 3/4 through one of my songs just to throw me off. ;-)

"Intensifier" Demo Screenshot


Triple OscillatorYou looking for something INTENSE?! Well, this patch for LMMS might just suit your needs.

I made this patch/preset as part of my cover of Family Force 5’s song “Cray Button.” Since it was made with the popular Triple Oscillator instrument in LMMS, it is probably very easy for most people to modify. The sound of the “Intensifier” can be really deep with a lot of cut-through and a hint of noise or used as a gritty lead instrument. Check out the demo sound.

Intensifier Demo Screenshot LMMS
Intensifier Demo Screenshot LMMS

Do you like it? Download it for FREE!

Download: RA – Intensifier

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Concerto Cello SF2

Cello_studyAre you looking for a FREE cello sound? I dug this one up and it works great! It does have a little bit of a slow attack to it, so I wouldn’t recommended it for a punchy song, necessarily.

I used this exact SoundFont in my song Lost (listen below).

This free cello works great with LMMS’s SF2 player. It delivers those dark, moody, and rich sounds we would expect from a real cello. And the best part about this is that it’s totally free to download from the website shown above! This would be great in an orchestral track or anything else you can think up. I hope you enjoy this free find as much as I did.