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Top Tracks

These tracks are my personal favorites. Click the cover picture to have a listen to each song.

TBT: How He Loves

I wanted to take a moment this Thursday to look back on an amazing collaboration experience I had  years ago with Adrian Cardwell and Jamin Burdick. This track was a great experience, both in working with two other people to create a track and in “modernizing” a song which had made its way in to church […]

Clarity single track artwork by Red Ambassador

Clarity (free)

“Clarity” is a brand new Drum & Bass (DnB) track I made! It’s been in the works for a good 3 weeks or so, but I had not decided on how to fit together the various pieces of the song I wanted to incorporate. While this track is certainly nowhere near the level of Rameses […]

Mr. Pixel's Life Adventure cover art

Mr. Pixel’s Life Adventure (a mini-song)

Hey, all! I wanted to share the LMMS project file for “Mr. Pixel’s Life Adventure.” The song itself has been posted on Soundcloud for a little while now and I thought that since I haven’t shared any of my LMMS project files recently, I should do that with this song! If you haven’t heard the […]


Yeah, I’m still around

I’m still around! I’ve been very busy with college lately though so I haven’t had time to make music. It’s be pretty dang crazy actually. There’s college, and then there’s taking Junior project, Senior project, Advanced Technical Writing, RISC Architecture, and Globalization all in the same term. Bleeh. I don’t mean to be brag-y or […]


Church Christians vs Jesus Christians

These are some of my own personal thoughts on some ways we as Christians and as a church could really use some improvement. As I was writing this, I realized that most of my comments center around the idea of having more grace and less judgement with people. I just see way too much of […]


Alex H.

Musician and Producer

In 2011, I found out about a free, open-source digital music composition program called Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS). I started making tons of short little songs with this new program, figuring out new tools and techniques as more time went on. LMMS became my new instrument, in a way. I loved the fact that when I placed a note, it would be played perfectly, at the same time, every time. I also love electronics and computers (a field I am getting my college degree in) so the blend of digital equipment and music made it an amazingly enjoyable experience.Since that time, I have simply pursued my passion to create music. I do it for fun and for Christ.